Tips to Getting Full Compensation in Your Truck Accident Claim

If you have ever been involved in a truck accident, then you know just how terrifying the experience can be. The emotions one feels after a crash are often overwhelming, and not to mention the stress. If you’re injured, the terror is tenfold. It’s best to remain calm and seek medical attention promptly. After, and only after, contact a lawyer to begin the claim process.

Acquire Information and Evidence

You will, of course, want to ensure everyone is okay. After making sure no one suffered a significant injury, acquire their insurance information. This information should include their name, phone number, and address, which you can verify with their driver’s license.

Typically, receiving this information is simple. Most drivers involved in an accident are relatively cooperative. Just remember, do not admit fault at the scene, even if you’re in doubt. Wait to speak with your insurance company.

Take Pictures

If you’re able to, consider taking photographs of the accident and both vehicles involved in the wreck. Be sure to focus on damage to your own car to support your claims. If the other drive is not very accepting of pictures, then wait for a police officer to be present. They are trained to obtain all necessary information, including photographic evidence.

Replace or Repair

If the repairs to your vehicle will cost more than the truck is worth, then it is considered a “total loss.” In this case, you may accept a check from the insurance company for what the vehicle was worth before the accident. This is the surest way to receive full compensation for the car or truck.

If you can easily repair, you may not receive as much from the insurance companies, but it will cover the cost of repairs.

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