Summer Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

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You may have noticed the abundance of lawn signs asking motorists to watch for oncoming motorcycles. Motorcycles, while inherently fun and freeing to ride, are often more dangerous. A single accident could spell devastating for the rider. Protective gear can help, though. Do you know what helps even more? Learning proper safety techniques and adhering to rules of the road. This summer, ride safely.

Wear Protective Gear

First and foremost, if you intend to ride a motorcycle this summer, purchase the appropriate protective gear. Such equipment typically includes a helmet and eyewear. Without a helmet, the chance of sustaining a head injury increases five times. The possibility of a brain injury triples. Furthermore, without a helmet, you’re 40-percent more at risk of a fatal wound.

Remain Alert

Just because you’re driving safely this summer does not mean other motorists are doing the same. You cannot always predict the actions of another driver. You can, however, remain alert. Fast response times and foreseeing trouble can be life saving under the right circumstances.

  • Obey all road rules
  • Pay attention to traffic signals and signs
  • Be ever-watchful of wet road, uneven surfaces, or potholes
  • Never ride your motorcycle while drunk, tired, or physically fatigued

Maintain Your Bike

When discussing safety tips, most online resources will focus on safety equipment and the rules of the road. We often forget about our motorcycles, though. Forgetting to maintain your bike could lead to a serious malfunction that ends in an accident. To be ready this summer, check the following:

  • Tires – Look for cracks, worn tread, or low pressure
  • Gas and oil leaks
  • Lights that may require replacement
  • Clean and adjusted mirrors
  • Working front and rear brakes
  • A loud horn

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