Stay Safe Around Summer Road Construction

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With summer upon us, you’ve probably noticed more roadwork along the interstate and city roads. This is normal. Construction crews – for obvious reasons – prefer the sunshine to work in. Of course, this means reduced speeds and safety corridors. No matter where you live, speeding through a roadwork zone may incur increased ticket prices and points on your license. It’s vital that you drive safely.

Be Aware of Construction

Often, a road construction zone does not sneak up on you – there are typically orange zone signs alerting drivers of upcoming work. Sometimes, you may even notice barrels or orange cones. These signs rarely change. Be sure you’re not distracted. When you’re behind the wheel, it’s vital that you remain cautious and alert of all upcoming obstructions. In a work zone, you’ll need to reduce your speed and watch for workers along the road.

Furthermore, machinery, vehicles, and other obstacles often accompany workers. Striking an obstacle is damaging to your vehicle and those around you. Be wary of any obstructions in the road.

Lastly, it’s best to avoid changing lanes in a construction zone. If you have to, do so carefully and with your blinker active.

Speed Limits

Work zones typically have a lower speed limit than other portions of the road – especially on the interstate. These speed limits are in place to protect not only you, but road workers, too. Make sure you watch for reduced speed limit signs and adhere to the amount stated. Keep in mind that a speeding penalty in a construction zone is typically doubled, so slowing down keeps everyone safe and saves you money, too.

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