Safety Around School Buses

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Students across the country rely on school buses to transport them safely to and from school and after-school activities. As a licensed and responsible driver, it’s your job to drive safely and practice caution when near school buses. Children are still learning the rules of the road. They sometimes act brashly and ignore basic rules such as looking both ways before crossing a street. They’re more susceptible to accidents than adults. This is the reason why we’re told to stay 50-feet back from a stopped school bus.

Keep an Eye Out

First and foremost, keep a watchful eye when around a school bus. When children are at their bus stop:

  • Watch for kids darting across the road, especially if they’re late for the bus. They may be frantic to reach their seat in time.
  • In school zones, remain vigilant of any children crossing the road, and obey all street and speed limit signs.
  • When reversing out of a driveway, watch for children passing by for their stop or on bikes.

Stopping for Buses

The laws regarding school buses vary by state. However, there are fundamental rules that every driver should follow:

  • When you see the flashing red lights of a school bus, you should stop immediately.
  • When you see flashing lights on the bus, drivers coming, overtaking, or in the back of the bus should stop until it moves again.
  • Yellow flashing lights indicate the bus is preparing for a stop.
  • Wait until children are safely on the sidewalk before accelerating near a bus stop.

No matter your home state, practice caution and safe driving around school children and buses.

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