Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Denton Danger Zones for Car Accidents

Chances are you, or someone you know, have been involved in a car accident previously. It’s a traumatic, confusing experience that leaves the best of us dumbfounded. How could this happen? Who is at fault for the crash? Do I need a lawyer? These questions and more are likely running through your mind immediately after. You’ll receive answers to each in due time. First off, hiring an attorney can be a smart move – especially if liability is unclear or the damages and injuries were severe.

When to Seek Advice

There are a few great reasons why just seeking the advice of an automotive accident attorney is a smart play. For example:

  • If liability is unclear or shared between the parties
  • You’re unsure how to evaluate a claim
  • The insurance adjuster has requested medical records from before the accident
  • The adjuster made a lowball offer
  • You aren’t confident in your negotiation abilities
  • You have a claim to lost wages that is hard to prove

When to Hire an Attorney

While seeking advice can make any situation easier, sometimes it’s best to hire an attorney for their expertise and professionalism outright. There are circumstances in an automotive accident that may make your claim worth more than you initially considered. For example, if you can no longer care for a sick parent or spouse due to your injuries, you’re entitled to increased compensation.

Furthermore, if the other involved party has hired their own attorney and is serving you with a lawsuit, you’ll need representation. A lawsuit means a court battle, which can seriously take a toll on an accident victim who is recovering from their injuries.

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