Hit & Run Accidents in Texas

Woman stranded after a hit and run accident. Todd Durham, Denton Car Accident Attorney.

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Any responsible driver that cares about the safety of their fellow Texans on the road knows the severity of a hit and run accident in our state. Perhaps one of the most selfish acts someone can do, hit and runs are unfortunately on the rise, and the numbers will shock you. Here are some statistics regarding hit and run accidents that are difficult to believe, as well as information on how to navigate through an accident of this nature.

Texas Is in the Top 10

In April of this year, it was reported by CBS 4 News that Texas has made the top 10 list of states nationwide for an abominable reason: hit and run-related deaths. Between 2015 and 2016, these deaths increased by 30% in our state; nationwide, nearly 65% of people killed in hit and run crashes since 2006 were pedestrians and bicyclists that died as a result of cowardice, negligence, intoxication, or other reasons at the fault of a selfish driver.

What Qualifies as a Hit and Run?

A hit and run accident means that you or someone else hits a person or another driver in their car and flees the scene without offering help or exchanging information. This is an illegal act that can saddle you with major fees or even time incarcerated if the person is injured or dies as a result. Never, ever leave the scene of an accident, document everything you can to the highest extent, offer as much help as possible, and contact an experienced attorney quickly.

Why Do People Leave?

Largely, drivers that leave the scene of their vehicular crime have some reason that they cannot deal with law enforcement. By their own accord, they do not have a valid driver’s license, or are uninsured. So they choose the cowardly route and leave, rather than face the consequences of their actions. Intoxication or drug-related impairment are also reasons why the guilty party may choose to flee.

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