Factors that Contribute to Rollover Accidents

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Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. When one does occur, however, some are more dangerous than others. For example, a rollover accident is the most dangerous and always results in devastating injuries. In addition to broken bones, spinal and brain injuries are quite common in rollover accidents. In the worst scenarios, someone will die due to the crash. A few factors contribute directly to rollover accidents.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors include more than most people think. When driving, one should consider the characteristics of the road itself, such as the terrain and various road conditions. Road conditions include potholes, road construction, and grooves in the asphalt. Terrain involves the curve of the road and tunnels.

Weather is also a major factor. If the road is slick from recent rain, vehicles driving too fast down the road are at risk of flipping their car over in a rollover accident. In many rollover accident cases, an external object, such as a curb or another collision, causes a vehicle to flip and roll. This is known as “tripping.”

Type of Vehicle

All kinds of vehicles are at risk of rolling over while driving, though taller and narrow vehicles, such as pickup trucks or vans, tend to be more prone. These vehicles have a high center of gravity, and at high speeds they have been known to roll over in a collision.


75% of all rollover accidents happen because someone was driving on a road where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour or higher, but they were going faster. Traveling at high speeds can easily kill a driver. 40% of fatal rollover accidents are directly the result of someone speeding.


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