Denton Danger Zones for Car Accidents

Denton Danger Zones for Car AccidentsDid you know that according to the Texas Department of Transportation there were more than 13,000 serious car accidents in the Lone Star State? Or that in 2013, Texas lead the United States in car accident-related fatalities with over 3,000? These are scary statistics that show just how dangerous driving can be because of other drivers on the road.

With a population of more than 120,000 people, Denton is sure to see its fair share of accidents year after year. Part of staying safe is knowing where Denton danger zones are for car accidents and what makes them so dangerous.


Denton is one of the few cities that sees the joining of two major highways – 35E and 35W. Combine these with several local attractions that can often cause heavy traffic – Enterprise Airport and University of North Texas – and you’ve got a recipe for frequent and often serious car accidents. While driving on these highways, do you best to stay alert, watch your speed, and always follow at a safe distance. Being as prepared and calm as possible when you take on the road can go a long way towards helping you stay as safe as possible on the highway.

Rural Roads

Though highways are taken at high speeds with a high volume of traffic, rural roads throughout the country are actually some of the most dangerous. What’s the reason? Many people who drive on rural roads simply aren’t as alert or attentive to safety precautions because of a perceived lack of other drivers or danger. And because they are often unpaved or winding in nature, rural roads create conditions on which it’s easy to lose control of a vehicle.

Close to Home

Many informed drivers know that you’re actually most likely to experience a car accident close to your home during your normal daily commute. But even low speed accidents on side streets can be dangerous – especially when another careless driver is at fault.

Whether it’s down your block or across town on a highway, experiencing an accident can be a jarring, frightening, and painful experience. If you have been involved in a Denton car accident, contact Todd Durham today. Call 972-362-0046 to schedule your initial consultation.