The Deadliest Roads of 2018

Lights of a police car. Denton Car Accident Attorney.We do not often think about it, but every day we get in the car, we are taking our lives and other people’s lives into our hands. Staying alert, not driving distractedly, and altogether making the best decisions possible while on the road is most literally a matter of life and death. This year, a city in Texas was given a title that no place should ever aspire to: Houston was named the deadliest, most dangerous metropolitan area for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in all of the United States.

What Causes so Many Accidents?

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it also seems that there are always accidents on our roads, though the 640 fatalities per year in Houston is staggering. What has caused such a number that shows our roads in 2018 are so perilous? It’s a myriad of things. The ultimate cause nowadays would be distracted driving, mostly while using a mobile phone. Today, people text and use social media while on the road, and in doing so, can veer off the road or into another lane. People also try to multitask, like attempting to put on makeup or send emails, thinking that they can do both with no problem. Then, there is the number one thing we have all been taught to never do since we were children: drive drunk or under the influence. It is astounding how many people get behind the wheel after a carefree Friday night, and then take their own lives, or the lives of others with them, due to a poor choice.

What Should I Do If I Am in an Accident?

While the above possibilities are only three of the many reasons that people get into car accidents, you need to know what to do if you are ever caught off guard by an irresponsible driver that hits you. The first thing you need to do is be calm, and seek medical attention right away. From then on, if you are conscious and cognizant, begin to record everything you can. Get the names of the police officers that assisted you, gather all of the information of the driver at fault, and find a trustworthy car accident attorney.

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