Auto Accident Settlement: What You Need to Know

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If you have ever been involved in a severe car accident, you may be curious to know the best way to proceed when it comes to settling. When it comes to vehicle damage or injury claims against another driver, most people want to get on with their lives. Research estimates that almost 95 percent of vehicular accident settlements are reached outside of a court of law. With a professional attorney and the right evidence, settling is easier and more accessible to victims of car accidents.

Future Costs

Before agreeing to a settlement, be sure to account for future expenses, such as the lingering effects of an injury or damage to your vehicle. You should consult your physician to ask for more information relating to your injuries and recovery.

The insurance company will want to be sure you cannot return for more money or sue them later on. Therefore, you will be asked to sign a Release and Waiver, preventing any future claims as a direct result of the same accident. Be certain that all conditions of the settlement are reasonable and the insurance company will pay promptly.

What Damages Can I Collect?

When filing a claim for property damage, you must consider the types of damages you can receive, such as:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Personal property damage – Compensation for items, including computers or other electronics, in your car at the time of the accident.
  • Car Rentals – Many insurance companies will reimburse the victim of they were forced to use a rental car after an accident.
  • Other expenses – For example, a taxi service to get home or to the police station after the incident.

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