Meet Our Attorney – Todd Durham

Todd-Durham-car accident attorney dentonAttorney Todd Durham is the founder and driving force behind Todd Durham Law Firm. We hope that you learn a bit about our firm by reading Todd Durham’s attorney bio. He received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in 1993. After graduation, Todd discovered he had a passionate for the law. Soon after, he was accepted to Baylor University School of Law, graduating in 1997. Eager to start his law career, Todd began working for a large law firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After gaining years of experience, Todd was driven to create his own client-centric practice. He was determined to give his clients the type of one-on-one representation that they deserved; he opened the Todd Durham Law Firm, where he gives each and every case the time and consideration it deserves. Todd has remained in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since his graduation and is proud to call it home. He is passionate about helping residents with their personal injury claims and other legal matters. Todd is a proud husband, and father to five children.

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